climbing up

we are going on the roof of this building.


elevator doors all open


I noted someone didn't recieve their mail, couple of papers and April addition to "fish and hunt" magazine. It suggest, this people might have been out of town and were probably never been able to return to their home.

feelings expressed on the wall, Vovik+Tanya=love


we are visiting a guy who didn't recieve his papers. Calendar show that something was planned for a Saturday in April 26. Judging by stuff that he left at the door, he obviously went for fishing.


I wonder how this guy feel, who once went for a fishing trip and who was not able to return home. It is like you life is cut on two pieces. in one is you slippers still under you bed, photos of a first love that left on piano.. in other is you yourself, you memories and a fishing rod.

as we walk upstairs dosimeter showing 20-100 microroengen.

on roof


from this roof people have been looking at beautiful shining

they call it a town where time stands still. May be it is because clocks in a ghosttown don't show real time, they are set for showing a radiation level.


weird to see this thing right on the street


there is no phone connection in town, mobil phone do not work either.



someone appreciated Bethovens moonlight sonata.


it is time for author of this page to thank everyone who read this and to say goodbye, I will leave some more photos of kindergarten, they won't need comments, they speak for themselves, there are hundreds of children gas masks all over the place and diary of a teacher is interesting read, it always opened on page where last note tells that their walk on Saturday has been canceled due to some unforeseen contingency.



Ukraine 03187 Kiev-187 Zabolotnogo 20/A Post Box 25 Elena

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