radiactive technics as far as only eyes can see. There were people inside of each vehicle.


who can count how many people died of radiation? no one, even approximately. Some tell that 400.000 dead, soyuzchernobyl report of 300.000 people that died since 1986 and this is not over, in 30 years people will still die


it is easier to calculate matherial loses. for economy of region it is catostrophe

fire-engins are the most poluted objects in a region. They have been trying to put down those radiactive fire. First firefighters thought it was just a regular fire. No one told them what they have been really dealing with, as no one told to soldiers and helicopter pilots.


fire-engins never returned in their garages


What was hell for humans turned in a paradise for wild animals. Population of wolfs and wild boars growing rapidly. They occupying houses and sheds. They are not agressive here, they probably have enough food because population of other species is growing too. It's quite usuall to see wolf, fox or wild boar crossing road. also deers may show up on road and this slow me down, especially you got to be careful on narrow roads. I am afraid, in the future Chernobyl rides will be more exotic rides rather then high speed one's.

It is Predgevalskogo Horses. They are in the red book. Someone brought couple of them from asia a few years ago and they liked it here and now there are 3 herds running in Chernobyl area. Those horses sturdy, always on the move.. Predgevalskogo horses having this prehistoric look around them and when they sweep by, it feels like next herd will be of some ancient pangolins. Zoologists also brought two American Bisons, but idea to breed them didn't work out and bison male run away. I don't know, if he run from radiation or from his bride, but last time bison has been seen in Belorusia, he heading west and may be he just decided to return to America.


We are at Chernobyl town. This is not my favourite. All population of this town has been evacuated in 1986 and it used to be some sort of a base for those who work on Atomic Plant. Dosimeter shows here 20-80 microroengen. This is the safest area in a zone. As we passing this town, we leaving behind all people that live in a zone. Ahead is atomic plant.


there is 18 kms from Chernobyl town to the APP and 22 kms to ghosttown. I usually turn off from main road and going through villages.

this is ellection house in a village.


It's was quite boring to go on ellection where one could only vote for one candidate and for one party. People haven't been coming. Then, in order to bring people on ellections, authorities arranged free drinks.


door on the right is free drink room and door on left is ellection room

Atomic Plant

Usually, beeping of dosimeter speed me up and I pass this part of road as fast as road condition allow. The place in front of me called red or magic wood. In 1986 this wood has been red with radiation and then they cut it off and left there and bury under 1 meter of earth. As you can see, on asphalt things not bad, but if I step 10 meters forward, my dosimeter will run out of scale, if I walk few hundred meters towards reactor, then I will find 3 roengen. If I keep walking all the way to reactor, then at the end of a journey I will glow in a dark. May be this is why they call it a magic wood. this sort of a magic when one walk in in a biker leather and coming out like a knight in a shinning armour.


here, we enter territory of atomic plant. Dosimeter will show here 500-3000 microroengen per hour, depending of where you stay


here is thing that turned whole region into a desert. It is closed now.

persona non grata

I can't ride by plant any more. I shouldn't do this first gear hard launch in front of leading personal and some committee.. that's fine with me... after all, what did I lose, except for those several hundreds microroengen


4 kms leap and we are at the gates of ghosttown. This is my favourite. It was founded in 1970 and located 4 kms north from reactor. 50.000 people lived there.


Usually a police officer who call himself a town guard is telling me that I am in town alone. then I can hit roads with no worry that I will run accross some car or a foot-passenger. This town might be an attractive place for tourists. Some tourists companies have been trying to arrange extrim tours in this town, but people- their customers scared and complaining about silence which is hard to stand in empty town. They charged 1200 hryvnas for 2 hours excursion and town guard says, they all were leaving in some 15 mins, complaining that silense is tremendous as if one got deaf and it ring them in ears and place is bad...

quiet town

this is residence of a town guard


from the first look ghosttown seems like a normal town, someone put their washing hungs on a balcony, some windows open, other clothed, here is taxi stop, there is grocery store... then, you read this slogan on building- "party of Lenin lead us to the triumph of a communism"- that helps to realise that clothes hung on balcony for 18 years and that town is empty..


If I am in ghosttown just for a rides, then I go alone, but I never go alone inside of a buildings. There are many places that not safe. Usually, when I go to explore buildings I pick up a girl, who live in Chernobyl and make her living with leading people through dead zone. She is native here and literate in issues of atom. There are bad places where no one goes, even scientists staying away, one of such place is magic wood and other is cemetery in Ghosttown. it's buried some radiactive graphite in there and now people can not visit and commemorate their relatives.

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