Must-visit Mekong Delta Pagodas. For many people wishing to obtain a more understanding of Buddhism in Vietnam, Mekong Delta tour with the visiting to some of the must-visit pagodas in Mekong Delta should be considered to choose. Vĩnh Tràng Pagoda, Bat Pagoda (Mahatup Pagoda), Chén Kiểu Pagoda, Kh’leang Pagoda, and Clay Pagoda are the must-visit Pagodas in your destination list.

This is a specialty that you can only found in Tra Vinh and some other western provinces.Chù ụ from fire coal will turn red with an attractive fragrance. Chù ụ grilled when ripe with little laksa leaves, chili salt is delicious. According to the tourism experience in Tra Vinh, you can eat deliciously at Ba Dong beach.Location: Gao Giong Ecotourism Area is located in the area of ​​Melaleuca forest in Hamlet 6, Gao Giong Commune, Cao Lanh District, Dong Thap Province, away from the city center. Cao Lanh is about 17km.The aroma of banana leaves, fatty egg flavor, lean sweet meat along with the taste, crispy crunchy of raw vegetables, sweet and sour taste of fish sauce, makes you eat nostalgic without feeling bored. Egg squid is everywhere, but it seems that the egg custard chilli of Phu Quoc beach is strangely popular by tourists. Here visitors have the opportunity to see the artifacts. If the right time can participate in events, festivals, traditional days that are annually held.When eating roasted rats, it is necessary to have laksa leaves to prevent fishy smells, and contribute to increase the aroma of meat. The timber and stone plates were engraved with Han script and gilded. They are known as valuable works of the old temple. Annually, there will be the ceremony Dan Sinh Than Phuoc Duc (celebration of the birthday of Mr. Dan)