he won't keep the neck brace on & the nurses are going crazy with him about it. because of that the bone has shifted so here was his options: if he had the surgery they would fuse his neck & he only have about 30-35% movement. by having the halo he should have 90-95% movement. but it has to be on for at least 3 months.
I choose to have this fight with him if he gets mad at me for asking cause I care about him. after the Dr asked if he will keep it on & he did promise he would. he made the choice of the halo cause in his words yesterday: "I want to ride again or there's no reason for living".
so here's what I'm asking: I'm sure by the 2nd mo he'll start talking about getting the halo off so please remind him that if he sticks with it he'll be able to get back on a bike. I'm sure it's going to be really hard for him, as we all know he's not known for his abundance of patience's. his brother even pointed out to him how stubborn he is & he agreed with him. as for the ribs I guess they are just going to let them heal for now & make sure they can get his neck fixed.
he is room 917 C now & I don't know how long he'll be in hospital. He thinks he'll be home by next week, could be? there's still no phone in the room & he has lost his cell phone. he is in a good spirits & still likes to joke with the nurses, asking them to leave their numbers. he hasn't gotten lucky yet with that. we did tell him we're dressing max up in pink for Halloween, don't know why he rolled his eyes. we'll have pictures.
so that's about it, just keep him in your prayers [he needs all he can get]