This came across my e-mail:

So you IBA members mentor a rider(s), help them out and enjoy a ride together.

My first IBA ride was with 400+ riders, 395+ finished andwe set three world records.
We all had fun.

Iron Butt Association Annual Memorial 1000 Ride
Each year the lives of many of our fellow motorcycleriders and loved ones are cut short. In their memory, a group of the World’sToughest Riders will participate in a Saddle Sore 1000 on the same weekend,September 29-30, 2012. We hope to have riders participating in all 50 states,in all of the Canadian provinces, and in several countries around the world.This date was selected because the weather across North America is generallygood—not too hot and not too cold.
The IBA will issue a specialcertificate for this event.
To specially honor our fallen brethren, we’re asking each you to find one of your motorcycle friends who is not an IBA member to ride the Saddle Sore with you. This will give you the opportunity to mentorthe ‘newbie’ in the skill of route planning, navigation, hydration, and ATGATT before and during the ride. If the two of you ride the same route and submit your documentation together, special pricing will apply for the certification—therewill be a $10 reduction for each of you in the normal fee!
The person for whom you’re riding doesnot have to be a former IBA member, or even a former motorcycle rider. It canbe anybody that is special to you; somebody that has had an impact on yourlife.
What better way to honor our departed friends than to bring new members into the sport we all love. This will be afun event! IBA will issue special certificates for the mentor and the mentee,and a special patch for the event. A video of the event will be produced. A special website will list all the participants and for whom they’re riding. We’reworking on other ideas to make this event special.
So reserve the weekend now—September29-30, 2012. Recruit a mentee.

Let’s ride the Memorial.

Send me an email signing up for the ride, with the nameof the special person you’re honoring, and a short paragraph of who they wereand why you’re riding for them.
Howard Entman
[email protected]

Posted on the IBA Forum:

Several folks have mentioned that the date of this event, September 29-30 is inconflict with other activities of life (how cold anything conflict with a goodmotorcycle ride?). So we have extended the window of this ride to include theweekend before, September 22-23, AND the weekend after, October 6-7, the firstannounced date. Any one of these three weekends will be fine.

Remember, this year's event does not require an in-state ride--any SS1K willwork. And although it would be nice if each rider could find a mentee to mentorin the craziness of long distance riding, feel free to 'ride the Memorial'without a newbie if that's your choice. So send me an email and let me knowthat you're participating in this year's ride.

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