Man. they sure know how to treat Valk owners over here......
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Thread: Man. they sure know how to treat Valk owners over here......

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    Default Man. they sure know how to treat Valk owners over here......

    They even put magazines about your bike in your hotel room in Holland. That was from the first hotel I stayed at here (more about that in a minute).

    Well, flew into Amsterdam on Monday morning and got on the wrong train - found out about a hour and a half later when the dude was checking tickets and told me, "You are de wronga train zu big dummy!" Country come to town - AGAIN! Well, I sure got to see a LOT of the Dutch countryside for the next 3 hours. Hahaha! Man, this place is flatter than Louisiana!

    Actually the first hotel I stayed at in Emmen was the Van der Valk hotel, thus the magazines (which means Tucan in Dutch, I think). Well, since it looks like I am going to be here for a few weeks, the girl in the office asked me if I would think about a hotel she use to work at (it would be cheaper for the district) but I could look at it first. Man, the first hotel was one of those nice, no character 4 star hotels out on the highway that goes into Germany. Nice hotel. As soon as I checked out the new hotel it was a definate "YEAH BABY!". From the king size bed, sitting area, jacuzzi tub to what you would expect out of a hotel in Europe - single bed, radiator on the wall, just a shower and the toilet seat is broken - but man, THIS PLACE HAD FLAVOR! It had CHARACTER!!!!! It was a no brainer - HECK YES!

    The entire street in front of the place is closed to traffic and is a walking mall. I woke up this morning and there was a street fair going on out front. A couple of Bradwurst for breakfast.....More about that in a minute....

    So, been working every day in the office and changed hotels yesterday. Last night, the girl in the office arranged for all of us to meet with the field hands for dinner. What a great place!!!!

    The food was awesome - yeah, the usual food shot. The dutch are so social about eating - it is cool. They bring out all kind of bread and stuff before you eat and the side dishes are never on your plate - they are brought out in dishes that everyone shares. Very nice way to do it....

    There were people from Poland, UK, Holland (Netherlands), Germany, Spain, France, Scotland and America there. Very nice dinner. Then we went to a disco next to my hotel. Everyone had a ball (and I still just drank coke or water). Didn't get in until almost 3, so I slept in today.

    So, I get up this morning and there is the street thing going on. After a bradwurst, it was time to walk down to another cafe and have a kaffie and appletart (coffee and apple tart).

    Then walked down the street and checked out the wooden shoes - yes, they do sell them here.

    Then had a smoke while checking out these guys from the Andes. Man, they were awesome!!!! I will put a video at the end of this post. Bought one of their CD's. Needless to say, there will be some of thier music on future videos. I really enjoyed digging on them.


    Since I am staying at a hotel that doesn't have other company people here, they rented me a car - I mean how cool is that?!? It's a Ford Fiesta.....I mean how cool - having wheels to check out Holland.

    What does have wheels mean? Well, it means I can ride around and check out some of the canals.

    Get some ice cream in Ter Apelkannal (right on the German border), where the canal picture was taken and check out the Dutch countryside.

    Stop for some kaffie in Nieuw Weerdinge - brick streets and all.

    Then back to Emmen for some weinerschnetzel (like a country fried veal steak).

    Took today off, but back to the office tomorrow. Man, I am having a ball ya'll. If I can't be home, I can think of a lot worse places than the Netherlands to spend Easter in.

    This is the Church in the square that my hotel is in. Happy Easter and safe winds my friends!

    PS: These were the guys from the Andes - not their best song, but still very cool! by Aeva
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    Prayers on the way fromTJ

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    Very cool Warren ... Thanks for Sharing
    Here is the one pix that did come up... I loaded it for you...

    I love the WindMill.. Looks better then a Turbine andy day...
    Hey have you gotten any of the PM'S I sent
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