Cheated on the Ol' Lady and feeling a tad bad about myself....
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Thread: Cheated on the Ol' Lady and feeling a tad bad about myself....

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    Default Cheated on the Ol' Lady and feeling a tad bad about myself....

    Well, the last two days I have been going to the motorcycle shops here and checking out the bikes - kinda had a bug ya know. Felt like I had cheated on Traveler in some way. Walked by here last night and she was kind of lookin' at me like, "You have the lawn mower pushed up along side of me - did I do anything wrong? Remember the wind we have shared?"

    Heck, you didn't think I was talking about Bonnie did ya? Shoot - nothing would scare me more that to two time on Red - she packs a mean cast iron skillet. Plus, I would never call her my Ol' Lady.

    Well, the way I have been working, I have only had like 3 1/2 weeks at home in the last 5 months. I have cranked Traveler once in 5 months just to go around the block a couple of times and get some fresh gas run through her. The last time I was in the wind with her was to deliver the summer sausage to Hard6 after leaving out of Minnesotta. I have to leave out again Sunday for 2-3 weeks, so this was it...I felt so sorry looking at Traveler with the lawn mower up alongside and all. Heck, the gas had even evaporated out of the tank and phrases I never thought I would think concerning my bike came to mind, like "rust in the gas tank".

    So (sorry about the pictures but they were taken with a cell phone) I put 4 gallons of fresh gas and 3/4 of a bottle of sea foam into her tank.

    Checked the air and topped off the tire pressure. Back was lower than the front. 42 and 44 - yep, that should be good.

    I have never seen Traveler so filthy in my entire life. She looked like she had been sitting in the stable for 5 months. I could barely even see through the windscreen.

    So, it was bath time for Bonzo (or Traveler). Sliced my hand open on the passenger peg while slingin' the rag. But she eventually came out clean. She needs a good polishing and detail - but that can come later.

    Since she had been sitting for so long, needless to say, the battery was dead as a doornail. So, out came the cables and jumped her from the car and she fired up after gas finally got to the carbs after about the 5th try.

    Man, there sure seemed like there was an essential element missing. Let's see I had air, water, fuel, blood, juice.....what was missing.... ?

    Oh yeah, WIND!!!!!!! Decided to let the generator charge the battery well, so brought out the mesh jacket (still had a map of Iowa and Minnesotta in the pocket), threw on the helmet and gloves and off I went.

    MAN, the wind felt most sweet!!!!!!! You may have heard me where you live because there was some loud whoo-hoo's coming out of the Fulmer helmet let me tell ya.

    Ran down to Jefferson Island.

    Saw a family of turkeys....

    Ran down to Delcambre and checked out the shrimp boat fleet.

    Over to Abbeville and back up to home. Got in about 70 miles this afternoon and again, man, they sure felt good!!!!!!!!!!

    Walked the critters and jumped back on to Sonic for a nanner split. The ice cream wasn't completely hard, so it was free. Can't get better than that!

    Well, at least I got SOME wind in before I have to leave out. It sure felt good even if it wasn't much. Oh yeah, and I moved the lawn mower when I got back....

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    Great RR and photos as always Warren...
    That's a fine looking Tom drumming (displaying)for the gals ...

    How long will you be in the UK ??
    I have a favor to ask you maybe???
    But I need to talk to you about it....
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