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    I'm selling my 2004 Honda Rune. It's Blue, has chrome rims with a Rivco Batman spinner on the rear rim, It also has chrome fluid covers on the handlebars instead of the covers with all the writing on them. It gives the bike a more custom look. The bike is kept in a shed so it's never been left out in the elements. It's never been riden in the elements. In other words, it's never seen snow or rain. My Rune is like in very very NEW condition.
    Best of all, it's only got 550 miles on it. I hardly ever ride it. Most of the time, I pull it out of the shed, clean it up and put it back in the shed. My neighbors love seeing the bike. I sometimes ride the bike to work, but then I hurt my leg, so now I seldon ride. I'm selling the bike for $14,000, and that's way under the price everyone else is selling theirs for and they have triple the mileage I have on my Rune. The bike also has the pull back handlebars. Email me if interested. Oh yea.....There's still about 1 year of original factory warranty left.

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