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    Default Been Gone too long

    After many years posting and learning here I sold my 1998 Valk, My VTX 1800 and my Goldie/hannigan trike. All to pay my taxes.

    Yesterday I brought home a 1998 Valk that has been crashed. After stripping off the busted parts I found underneath a dang good scooter. Some money time and effort will go into returning this scoot. My needs list includes gas tank, headlight ( is there an upgrade ) with bucket and trim ring, both gauages. windshield, saddle bags, passenger back rest and luggage rack.

    I have all these parts that are bent, twisted and broken. Any one want any of the bent suff for free just email and cover the shipping cost.

    Anyone want to sell any of the above I am able to pay cash if we can agree on a price and etc.

    Any ways it is good to be positing here again among my buds.
    My wife and I live and ride in the mountains and deserts in the Four Corners Area.

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    Have a Black Tourer Gas tank .... PM . me for details....

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    I have a back rest and will be at the Inzane Valkyrie gathering in July. The meeting is in Summit County Colorado near Dillion lake.


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