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    I now have had this 1800R S3 going on a couple weeks now and I think it's going to be a keeper!

    I have ridden it now around 400 miles, it's my first time without a windshield for many miles. So I got on (Direct Line Parts) I bought a 19" Memphis Fats and mounted it the other night. Those new quick release mounts are going to nice for removing that shield for when it's time for my wife to detail that bike.
    I wash my wife car and she details my bike it was her idea... who's going to pass that good of a deal up & she loves me too.

    I ordered one of those Hawk TechGlide chromed taillight covers it's on back order. I think I saw some where they their not making them any more, I hope they can find me one! I thought it would give the rear fender a little bling-bling. (Sorry I thought that sounded good.)

    PS: B**** living in NC and having to pay tax ordering from our sponser. It was $40 bucks that could have gone toward buying something else!!!
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