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    hey guys, i have been on the 109 site since late 06. i will soon take on the job of repairing my friends 99 gl1500. since he crashed he has decided to sell me the bike. i dont know a hell of a lot about the bike but how hard can it be? haha... neway i will prolly be anoying the hell outa some of u guys. the repair will prolly take a while since im only bout half way done with my 07 109, that i took down last summer due to some trucker spilling oil-base all over a two lane i like ride. with a lil luck n some advice from some of u guys i plan to have both on the road this summer. any advice on where to find used parts or any other handy info would be greatly appreciated. just thought id take a min to say hi.

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    Welcome Bro. Keep us posted on the progress.

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    Welcome. Lots of knowledge here so don't be afraid to ask. Someone here has already "been there, done that".

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    Default Welcome

    Yes keep us posted ... If you have a Q... Just ask away ...
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    Welcome Dude ! ........

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