I can't stand to see my beloved 99 Interstate (74k mileage mostly cross country) continue to degrade. My condo association is giving me a hard time and I am not in good enough health these days to work on the bike. As much as it breaks my heart I need to re-home the Valk. It has been sitting in the garage for almost a year and ran fine at the time. The Florida salt has pitted a lot of the chrome and the bike does not look good. My bottom line no dickering is $4500.00 I do have some extras that I am selling separately. Custom Corbin Seat $600, Stock CB without antenna $500. Email if interested to [email protected] delete the xx from address...thanks vc

I was unavailable due to health issues to arrange the sale of the bike and accessories. I am re listing the Seat and CB. I tested the CB and it works fine. I'm leaving the antennae on the bike however I am including the passenger talks switch. The Corbin Seat is available it includes the Back Rests!!! All items must be shipped unless you pick it up in person. SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. I am firm on these prices so don't respond if you're just curious. Now the Bike. I put in a new battery, oil filter and fresh Mobil 1 and she started right up...IT RUNS GREAT BUT LOOKS LIKE ****. IT IS A PROJECT BIKE thus the price $4500. If you do not have the skills to work on the bike DON'T BOTHER. Now if you are still an interested serious buyer I'll send pics. Please use this email address and delete the xx. [email protected]