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Thread: Been on the road mostly...

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    Default Been on the road mostly...

    This summer was a great one for riding for me. Now I am back in Colorado. I sold Sara's Valkyrie and bought her a GW trike. I bought a BMW trike and still have the VTX 1800R. I want to keep this combo through next summer to see which we ride the most. I am guessing the GW and the VTX will be used mostly. The BMW while a pretty bike and good performer doesn't really add anything to our riding. I just got it cuz it gave me an excuse to fly to FL to ride it back. I am guessing it will go after next summer.

    Also this summer helped host an all models motorcycle rally in Mancos Colorado. It was fun. We lost too much money for me to want to stick with it. Others are trying. I'd rather be riding.

    I am enjoying time to read this forum now. Thanks.
    My wife and I live and ride in the mountains and deserts in the Four Corners Area.

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    Sounds like you've done a bit of riding.

    That is a nice area of the country... Probably be out in the colorado area over Thanksgiving, not sure though..

    The board is pretty quiet until someone stirs up the pot a little with a Cookout or get to gether.

    Smilin' Jack

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