Once again, the 'Florida Coast2Coast Ride' returns for 2007.

Over 170+ folks, from eight states & one rider from Kitchner, Ontario Canada, enjoyed the 'FLC2C II' in October '06.

So far, folks from TX, AL, GA, NC, VA, NJ, KY, & FL have registered for the ride.

Riding here, tho not very technical, is still a very pleasant experience. The 'FLC2C' is one of the best events that let's you explore into the deep rural areas of the state...in the mild-temps of mid-October.

Come enjoy the 'FLC2C' route, that weaves thru rural central Florida, on some of the best awe-inspiring scenic back roads/byways that the state has to offer!

So, leave the fast pace of the city & interstates...slow down, relax, & come explore Florida!!!

'Florida Coast2Coast Ride III'
October 13th., 2007


Come enjoy the ride!!!

Cruzn'AL (use to be CruznAttitude)