Ok guys, we are all set. July 20-22-2007 We have 20 rooms blocked at the Smoky Falls Lodge. The rates are not as good as I had hoped for, but they are not too bad. If you think they are too high please let me know and I will start the search again.

Room rates are $75.90-$108.90 depending on the rooms. There are 2 rooms with 3 beds in them, which would be the $108.90 rooms. Attached are the normal room rates so that you can decide what kind of room you need. We saw the room with 2 queen beds and it was HUGE!!
These prices are tax included.

Also, another thing for you to think about too is we have suites. Two couples could take one of those and split the bill! All the suite rooms come with 2 Queen or 2 King beds in them. It has a hallway to divide the rooms.

Reference the Big Bike Riders when you call for reservations.

They will remove the block one month before the event.

Hotel Info:

Smoky Falls Lodge

Phone: 877.926.7440

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.smokyfallslodge.com

Angie has been my email buddy!

Already looking forward to it!