I got to thinking the other day that I would like to be able to look up "online" when I changed a tire or did some other type of maintenance on my bike. I have been through a few front tires on my Boss Hoss and I couldn't remember the tire I had before this last one or what kind of mileage I got out of it. That's when I decided that it might be a good idea to create a board where I could search this board for my maintenance records that might help me look up when I did something to my bike.

The other cool thing about this is you will be able to see what others are doing as far as oil changes, life of a certain brand of tire or anything related to service on your bike.

It's up to you as to how much information you want to place here but I would put the Make, Model and Year of your bike and Mileage to start with, and a easy title to your message so you can find it later, something like LaMosters 99 Boss Hoss is what would work for me.

You can use this board to know just when you added an accessory to help keep track how well it is holding up. Remember you can go back in and edit any of your post at any time.

Hope you like the idea, I know I do. Have fun.